According to cultural and societal norms, you are checking all the boxes. You’re responsible, respected, and humble. You’re a prominent professional, dedicating your time and effort to excel in your career. By all accounts, you’re successful.

But underneath the surface, you carry the weight of financial challenges that seem to never end. The expectations of your culture and your personal aspirations leave you feeling torn between tradition and ambition.

Your financial knowledge is limited, and it leaves you managing your money with uncertainty. The fear of losing your hard-earned money lingers. And you often lay awake at night, pining for the dreams that seem just out of reach while worrying about the judgement from others.

So, how do you shed these limiting beliefs, and thrive on your own terms?

I've walked your path, felt your frustrations, and dreamed the same dreams.

By All Accounts, You're Successful

Sonia Akhtar

"I joined the Financial Freedom Formula Programme in 2022 and was able to pay off £15k of my mortgage debt in just 4 months by working through the budgeting module.

As of 2023, I have completely left the corporate world, quit my job and am focusing on achieving financial freedom through entrepreneurship!"

Since then, I've helped nearly 200 women:

I Paid Off My £30K Debt & Quit

Save and invest close to £800,000 collectively
Negotiate promotions
Start their own businesses
Achieve financial freedom

What sets Brown Girl Money apart is quite simple - I've been exactly where you are.

I don't just offer financial education; I offer empowerment. I understand the nuances of your culture, the significance of your beliefs, & the depths of your dreams.

With that understanding, I can empower you like no one else can.

Not long ago, I was in a 9-5 job I hated, with a massive £30,000 debt looming overhead, and dreaming of an escape route.

Sound familiar?

But, I didn't just dream; I hustled, read every book I could get my hands on, and learned how to manage my finances to go from debt-riddled to debt-free, from a job I hated to a life I love, where my work is my passion.

"Since completing the programme, I have negotiated a 40% salary increase, cleared my debts, started investing, and started her own business."

Shalah Akhtar

"I completed the course in 2020 and have since paid off a significant amount of debt, started investing, negotiated 2 promotions, and started my own business."

Sabba Mirza

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Aaminah Amin

Helping Women Reach Financial Freedom

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Rafaela Ahsan

"One of the primary reasons I joined the program was to learn about investing. Before I joined, I had only started to think about the idea and had asked my partner to research into it. In the end, we were both quite confused and overloaded from lots of mixed advice, and I felt none the wiser. Aaminah’s program broke down the different aspects of investing and she was able to explain them so well, that it all felt like it was common sense."

The only financial education & empowerment programme of its kind on the internet - from learning how to manage your money like a pro to becoming an investing badass, building multiple income streams…and everything in between.

Your guilt-free, stress-free path to financial freedom

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